GPH357T5L/4  uv lamp

GPH357T5L/4 uv lamp

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This is a GPH357T5L/4 uv lamp that is a compatible replacement uv lamp for a variety of UV Systems. When you purchase from us, you are guaranteed a quality replacement part that is designed to keep your water safe. We support our products and will gladly assist you with any pre or post purchase questions. All of our products carry a 1 year warranty to give you peace of mind with your purchase.





What systems does this UV bulb fit?

Aqua Azul ATS-4-357 I-25 L-1-8009 L-1-806 L-1-806S  
Aqua Treatment Services ATS4-357          
CureUV 194150          
Delta Ultraviolet 70-18316 EA-18        
Evoqua Water Technologies W2T177239          
Glasco Ultraviolet 1608 250 8060 GUS-7 GUV-C7  
Ideal Horizons 41005 / 42003 4-CUV/6-CUV CR-7/IH-4 LBR-6 / LBR-8 LBRE-6 / LBRE-8   
Lancaster Pump 5-6          
Life Flo 2 GPM          
Pentair FL-2536-IP          
Siemens / Sunlight AAE1193 ATD-8 JTD-7 LP4105 SB-7/SBW-7 SLD-8
Ultra Dynamics 250 7001-806 8060 UD DW7 P3 S6
Water Master WG-RB6 WM-6 WM-614L/4P      
Wedeco UV 45001 CR-7        


This lamp goes by the following part numbers:



ExactFit UV® is the registered trademark of ExactFit UV®, the manufacturer of the ExactFit® ultraviolet systems. is not affiliated or in association with ExactFit UV®. We do not sell originally branded ExactFit UV® products. however sells different brands of ultraviolet lamps and replacement parts that are compatible with Exactfit UV® systems and are of equal or greater quality.




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