UV Quartz Sleeves

UV Quartz Sleeves are a very important component to your Ultraviolet Water Treatment System. The UV Quartz Sleeve is a glass tube that you insert your ultraviolet lamp into and keeps it free and dry from any water or moisture intrusion in your system. The quartz sleeve can many times become “fouled” from deposits building around the outside of the glass from impurities in your water. We carry a wide range of compatible replacement quartz sleeves and o-rings that fit various manufacturers and systems.

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Aqua Azul

Aqua Pure


Atlantic           ATS

BioLite / Cuno



Ideal Horizons

Master Water


Sterilight   Siemens/Sunlight




We carry both Open on Both Ends Quartz Sleeves and Dome on One End:

openquartzsleeve.gif domequartzsleeve.gif