UV Water Treatment

UV Advantages

Using ultraviolet radiations to inactivate dangerous microorganisms, or disinfection is a process done to drinking water that is chemical free. After all, if we are going to drink water, we want to drink clean water. The ultra violet system can do that for you at an affordable price. Safe drinking water keeps our body healthy and allows us to process nutrients.

The radiation process in an ultraviolet water systeminitiates a photochemical reaction that destroys the genetic information contained in the DNA of the bacteria which, in turn also lose their reproductive capability and are destroyed. Cryptosporidia or Giardia, which are parasites, have largely been resistant to chemical disinfectants are also very much reduced by ultraviolet water treatment.


Benefits of Ultraviolet treatment:

The most common of all uses of an uv treatmentsystem is the disinfection of domestic water supplies due to contaminated wells. Water treatment systems provide an affordable choice to having safe drinking water that is chemical free. A uv water system can help provide a cleaner environment because of the following benefits:

  • There are no dangerous chemicals involved

  • Helps ensure you only drink clean water

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Low initial cost as well as low operating expenses when compared to similar means

  • Treatment happens immediately. No holding tanks

  • Economical. Hundreds of gallons per day may be treated

  • Very low power consumption

  • No chemicals or by-products added to the water supply. Chemical free!

  • Safe and easy to use

  • No removal of beneficial minerals

  • No change in taste, smell or pH

  • Operates automatically with no special attention

  • Easy installation

  • More effective than chlorine against viruses. Safer too

  • Compatible with all water processes like reverse osmosis, ionic, filtration, etc