GPH287T5L/4 UV Lamp

GPH287T5L/4 UV Lamp


This is a GPH287T5L/4 uv lamp that is a compatible replacement uv lamp for a variety of UV Systems. only sells top quality replacement ultraviolet bulbs that are designed to work in your ultraviolet system.


What systems does this UV bulb fit?


American Ultraviolet GML225              
Aqua Azul L-1-805              
Aqua Treatment Services ATS4-287              
Atlantic Ultraviolet Aero-12              
Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation BIO-1.5 BIO-1.5 MIN-1.5 MIN-3        
Glasco 1508              
Ideal Horizons 41003 42002 LBR-4 LBRE-4        
Pureflow Inc. PF-LAB-DEO3              
R Can / Sterilight S1RL              
Siemens LP4130              
Trojan UV Technologies 600 602 622 650144 UV 600 UV 601 UV 602 UV 622
Ultra Dynamics 7001-805 P1 S2 VP-1        
Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. LBRE-4              


This lamp goes by the following part numbers:

GPH287T5L/4, GPH287T5L/4P


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